Picnic Dash Productions challenges the rigid racing status quo with unintimidating, mid-morning events that raise money and awareness for great local and international causes. These themed running parties provide a venue for friendly competition for new and experienced runners alike, while making exercise fun. Proceeds have gone towards the Brighter Sky Foundation, Opportunity Fund, Leap, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Semper Fi Fund, Stepping Stones International, Project Open Hand, and Global Exchange.

Races are held every 6-8 weeks and are sleep-in-and-enjoy-your-weekend friendly. Food and drinks are provided after each race, along with zany and useful prizes for the top competitors and raffle winners.

Check out our latest events here!

2 thoughts on “About

    • Hi June, just click on the “West Bluff Amphitheater” link in the “where” section of the Survival Dash description. Then you can let google maps give you better directions than I could. If you’ll be using a GPS device, you can plug in the address for the Warming Hut Cafe: 983 Marine Drive, San Francisco, CA. Thanks!

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