‘Stache Dash 5k

Stache 2 logoOn February 10th, 120 runners and walkers joined us in Harding Park for the 2nd annual ‘Stache Dash.  What better way to celebrate a Picnic Dash birthday than with a running, mustachioed crowd? All sorts of mustaches made it across the finish line – drawn-on, stick-on, half-off, and double:

Mustache Montage To see more photos, click here! For race results, click here.

Heather Maxwell from Fitwell Chiropractic led runners and walkers in a pre-race stretching session and injury prevention clinic. After getting nicely loosened up, runners took off on a scenic Lake Merced tour. Volunteers from Lowell BuildOn greeted finishers with cheers, silly string, poppers, and ‘Stache Dash ribbons.

Opportunity Fund AwardsAfter the racing ended, the festivities began with cake, mimosas, and tons of prizes. Overall and age group awards with Chocolate Dash discounts were distributed, followed by a bountiful raffle. Thank you, Road ID, Outerlands Restaurant, Bu Tong Acupuncture, Holy Cow Coffee Company, Kika’s Treats, and Opportunity Fund for your generous donations!

This race benefited Opportunity Fund a local, micro-lending nonprofit associated with Kiva. Since 1995, it has helped thousands of California families build financial stability by providing microloans for small businesses, matched savings accounts, and community real estate financing.

Did you participate in the ‘Stache Dash? Help us improve your race experience by  filling out this quick survey.

Special thanks to Picnic Dash volunteers, Lowell BuildOn volunteers, Opportunity Fund volunteers, and Opportunity Fund representative Brynne Speizer. Thank you for working so hard to make this so fun!

See you next time!

Stache Puppy

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